Auckland is one of the most visited tourist destination of the world and also of the New Zealand. The population of Auckland is more than 1.5 million and it is located on the north Island. Auckland is a very modern and developed city. And around 1/3 population of New Zealand lives in Auckland. The city is developed under proper town planning and is therefore a place that must be visited.

The city is blessed with wonderful ocean that adds a really great and natural beauty to the city of Auckland. It has two main harbours that add strength to its economic sector and also provided to two resorts for the tourist that comes to Auckland. There are many shopping malls, world class hotel and retardants that are very popular among the tourists.

You can visit Auckland by many ways like sea and by road but the most economical, cheap and fastest way to reach Auckland is by air. Due to its importance among business community an tourists and due to their regular visits to Auckland all the main airlines operating in Auckland offer cheap air flights and special packages that makes easier for the tourists to visit Auckland in a very economical way. Main airlines operating for Auckland includes Emirate